To know what and why I want something is an ongoing ordeal. If the fact that I wanted it was good enough…it would be easy. But just because I want it doesn’t make it something I really need, or would serve my evolution the best. Intent is what defines a choice. There are so many options. It seems complicated but is actually easy when my intent is clear. Right now my intent is to be true to myself. No matter how much I crave something, if it’s not in my best interest or is not part of the solution or doesn’t resonate on the same vibrational level that I’m on, then I don’t choose to make it part of my life. And what is in my best interest always makes me happy!


Intent is the guiding light intuition follows. Listening to the messages from Divine spaces within myself  is where intuition is born. I trust it and use it to move through life. It doesn’t live in my head…it lives in my heart and has nothing to do with words or logic. It can be like a sky filled with cloud formations ever changing into new clusters that eventually disappear over the horizon never to be seen again. It can be like the flow of the ocean…a tide of understanding and clarity that comes in and then returns to where it came from, just to roll back in again with new insight. Sometimes it moves in so deep that it seems like it will be part of me for eternity. Sometimes it seems so ephemeral that if I don’t grab the message in that moment, it will be lost forever. I am open to whatever form it takes. If I don’t “go with MY flow”…there are always consequences!

4/26/2010 1:22 PM



Yes…possibilities! Recently I am blessed with lots of them. They are as endless as I allow them to be. All of these possibilities need attention and need to be weeded out and assessed and dealt with. Just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. There are choices to be made and I am acknowledging and acting upon the signs that are everywhere in order to make them. It’s like the universe is leaving a trail of “shiny objects” (which would most certainly get my attention!) to catch my eye and show me the way. I’m open to these new options and transformed patterns of thought and excited to be living the new adventures they are giving me the freedom to experience. Life is good because I am allowing it to shine through me!


I  share the Divine love I am so grateful to be blessed with unconditionally every day of my life. Love can come in many forms. In this blog it comes in the form of art…from the heart…and words that create concepts and ideas.

Words have always been a challenge for me because I “think” in feelings and they are all very abstract and fluid. I usually have to translate what I am “thinking” into words to try explaining myself and I usually don’t do it justice…something gets lost in the translation…if you know what I mean. ; ) So… this will also serve as a daily exercise towards better communication skills!!

Let’s see….today I am feeling grateful to have parents who are really present in my life in a concrete manner who taught me about respect and accountability.

An uncle that believes in me so much that when I showed him the amazing photos I was taking with a 2 megapixel Kodak Easy Share camera felt compelled to send me a real SLR digital camera, a SURPRISE in the mail…yayyy!!!  And because my old g4 mac didn’t have the space or the “willpower” to handle the size of the downloads my new camera demanded, he then bought me my “usefully fantastic” mac book pro lap top to go with it… yayyy again!!!

I feel grateful because it’s spring and everything feels alive and new and possible and true!!!!

I am grateful that I found the courage to put space between me and someone close to me who thought trust had grey areas and “trying” was enough. Betrayal is to love and feed ones ego more than love itself. Where there is ego, there is no real respect, truth, and love for oneself or the people “that” ego comes into contact with. The consequences eventually lead to “that” ego receiving and giving the same self serving surface attention…in the guise of true love. True love equals true intentions. It’s precious and beautiful and if treated as such…leads us on a path of universal love. The only love there really is. Love with no agenda.