I finally set my Max…my snapping sensation of a friend…free!!! It was soooo dificult for me to do this…he had been a part of me for 7 years…but I wanted him to have the life he was destined to have. The fact that I helped him become the amazingly strong and fit turtle that he is today brought us together in a unique way. I worked with A from the Turtle Rescue League in Massachusettes to make sure I gave him the safest send off to give him the best beginning of a new life! I first had to cover his tank for one and a half months which supposedly allowed him the time to forget about me so that he wouldn’t be attached to humans and would connect to his wild side. It was hard for me to say good-bye to him when I covered the tank because I thought he wasn’t going to remember me when I took all the beautiful cloths off his tank the day I actually set him free. So before I covered his tank I told him how grateful I had been for having him in my life…and how precious he was to me. I cried for days! Because of the fact we were still living together it was hard for me not to break down and say hi and connect for that month and a half. For him I held strong!!! After ALL of that…the day I actually took the cloth off of his tank…the day I set him free…he knew exactly who I was…did the normal wagging all of his turtle arms in all directions like a dog and stood straight up against the side of the tank and stared into my eyes…so much for not knowing me…so strong was our connection!!! I made this slide show of his best day ever…of the first day as a real wild snapper turtle…the first “wild” day of the rest of his life!!! I love u Max…you’ll always be part of me!!! : (



Because of cancer, there is a new purpose to my existence. I am taking the opportunity of the new beginning and the positive transformation cancer has evoked on my perspective to share with the world all of the Divine blessings that were bestowed upon me in order to become a survivor. I will still express myself as an artist, designer, singer, guitarist and songwriter, but my creativity is now vibrating at the same frequency as the awakening I received during my cancer journey. I now live a sustainable way of life. I am living proof that allowing enlightenment to embody the essence of my being created the miracles needed to achieve my purpose. My purpose at the time was to survive cancer without losing myself in the process, without damaging my body beyond the necessary measures I chose to take. I surrendered to the deepest level of consciousness and became one with the energy source that is everything.

I am grateful to be alive and living the limitless opportunities life is presenting me. I am now using art, music and personal experience to help as a spiritual and wellness guide. The gift that I received from the Divine is now my gift to you. My role is to support you in love while you achieve your fullest potential, find your inner peace, live your truth with pure intent, and feel the joy and freedom that comes by accepting your uniqueness in order to shine your own beautiful hue. I feel connected to everything else in this world through the intense love I feel for myself …and I wish the same for you! Embracing the pain and weakness that came with cancer put me in a vulnerable position. Within the darkness of this vulnerability, my personal power looked like a beacon in the night. It felt comforting…like coming home.

I lived in Paris, France for half my life. And I grew into who I really was there, shining my own light. I walked a spiritual path. I was an Energy Healer and an Intuitive Guide, but kept it separated from the rest of my life. Now I don’t spend fragmented time in either my mind, spirit or body. They are now connected constantly and radiate a deeper sense of clarity, insight and balance that is an endless inner resource. It keeps me in the moment, in touch with my own strength and the beauty, light and love of this magnificent world.

We are all part of a molecular matrix. Our individual intent contributes to the overall vibration of this matrix. We affect everything on our path. When we rise to higher levels of consciousness, we are able to contribute something of value to the matrix. We become one with the most powerful energy of all…love. The possibility of death made it easy for me to discern what was precious and must be nourished, and what was no longer positive and must be let go of. This profound feeling of love and the awakened awareness that flowed in with it is my life now. Everything else I do fits into that!

I also offer fun but meaningful events that aid in personal expansion. Expanding is best done when you don’t know your doing it! I speak about subjects that have depth, but depth is actually a very simple state to be in. Within simplicity is joy! I will be giving Awakening Art Workshops, You’re A Star Story Slams, Intuitive Readings, Energetic Healings, Guided Meditations…and more! I share this glorious life with you…in love and light!


I leave on this still snowy morning…the second day of spring…watching little star flakes drift down in sporadic movements. They are really heavy, they are wet, I listen to them collide with the earth. As I am driving down the road I caught sight of 2 eagles in all their glory. They are dancing a spiral dance making circles curling up then down…then swooping back up again… riding the currents, playing as they past by each other…never having to flap their wings…just surfing the waves in the sky…so high…effortless grace in motion. I sit there on the side of the road hanging out of my car window in awe.

I then am blessed with an amazing healing session from a just as amazing soul. I feel renewed and full of love and light.

On my way home I am in disbelief as I see not one but 8 hawks doing the same spiral dance. I once again pull over and watch their performance that equals a ballet on a stage. I love this majestic moment that is taking place as much on the inside of me as in the sky above. They swirl up and down through my chakras and I feel their freedom and take part in their adventure in the circle of life and I am grateful.

A day full of dreams and beauty…guiding me to higher places.


This is a short happy note…but one that needs saying! Tonight was the “special” full moon of 2011 and it turned out to be so inspiring in a simple lighthearted way! I met the sweetest guy, 2 amazing spiritual healers with beautiful hearts, listened to some crazy rock band and danced like I was in high school again and took photos of the super dooper full moon dipper in virgo…like me! I felt a happiness I hadn’t felt in a long time…since the beginning of my cancer journey. Even though I still have one surgery to go and 6 and a half more months of cancer treatments, this night is full of new beginnings on a spiritual level. : ) Yayyyyyyy!!!! I can feel my body healing so very well, every day getting closer and closer to January 2012 when I will be an official survivor…so very blessed, lucky, grateful….AND one with it all….happy happy!!!



Angels in the form of people have been put on my path recently to place quick insight in front of my face! Because of the pace my life requires me to keep at this moment, their intervention is really helpful in my understanding the situations I am creating and need to navigate right now. The powers above are really working with me! It’s like they are running alongside of me placing flashcards in front of my eyes with key words on them and I read and say “Oh yes…that makes so much sense…thanks…got it!” I don’t lose a beat of the rhythm I am keeping in order to accomplish all my goals at this time. Because understanding and acting quickly upon things that could be blocking my path is necessary in keeping my life functional yet happy and balanced, I am loving the synchronicity all the elements I am being dealt seem to have created between each other and am grateful for it.


Recently the sensor in my SLR camera my Uncle had sent me stopped working and I no longer had a camera because they told me it wasn’t worth fixing…it would be cheaper to buy a new camera. I was sad that this camera I was so attached to had died and was frustrated that I no longer had a camera or the money to replace it. I actually had forgotten I had insured it until someone had reminded me. From the moment I called the Insurance Company to the moment I recieved a check for the replacement of the body of my camera, 3 days had passed…3 days…that’s nothing…the Insurance Company made it such a sweet, hassle free experinece. I was so grateful for that.

Then…I researched buying the original body…and found an even better deal online for a better camera…the same brand…just a more recent model with more mega pixels. I really wanted to buy it from a human being in a store rather than buying it online. So I called Pierre’s on Exchange St. in Portland. ME and spoke with this guy named Joe and said he would match the price I had found online. I don’t think he believed me…he had me pull it up on his computer right in front of him to show him I was sincere. I am really grateful that I got such an amazing deal. The only thing is, he charged me 10.00 dollars more than he said he would, but I know it was a mistake and he’ll probably give me a 10 dollar item in exchange for the overcharge. Because of a chain of events that was fair and right, I now have a new camera…once again…yayyy!!!!!

Happy and gratefull!



Words have been challenging for me. I have transformed this into something less daunting. I have been using them with more precision and accuracy. They are powerful tools. There is a lot of abuse around saying one thing and meaning another… with lack of, or bad intent involved. At it’s best it’s careless, at it’s worse it’s destructive. But in any case a word misused is like a drop breaking the surface of a body of water. It creates a ripple effect that continues on and on and farther and farther away from the source of it’s impact. It has no control of which direction the reaction it caused takes, or what it affects. I am really aware of what I am sending out into the universe lately…I am responsible for it.


All this seasonal “spring action” of crazy pastel fluorescent colored baby buds decorating bare grey branches like jewels and dancing warm wind and light sun soaked “smiley face” skies has me hanging outdoors for fear of missing out on an instant of natures “feel good” sensations. Even though it’s cyclic and will happen again in 12 months it always feels to me that every instant is too stimulating and precious to miss. And that is how I feel about the specific place I am standing at on my life’s path at this moment in time. Lately I am so focused with an overwhelming feeling of urgency concerning my life and the road I am on and the intersections I have come to that I only have time to deal with the moment I am in…at that moment! I deal with each moment full force…with all I’ve got…get it right…feel good about it…then let it go. It’s working for me. I have to make priority lists of things that need to get done in order for the flow not to get jammed up. I just accomplish one thing after another. There is a constant adjustment to the order of the list because new elements are always entering that are relevant to my progress and can’t be ignored or postponed….but I am finding that if I’m not judgmental or abnormally emotionally connected to these elements, it’s easy to keep it true, real, balanced and on track.

Leaves vanish from a tree…one by one… until there are none left, allowing the next cycle to begin. The tree lies silent enduring the elements by using all of it’s resources to stand tall but flexible enough to sway in the wind or bend with the weight of the snow and ice. It doesn’t feel the pleasure of the wind lifting it’s leaves into song and dance until a new cycle begins….all lives to begin, and end, to begin again.


To know what and why I want something is an ongoing ordeal. If the fact that I wanted it was good enough…it would be easy. But just because I want it doesn’t make it something I really need, or would serve my evolution the best. Intent is what defines a choice. There are so many options. It seems complicated but is actually easy when my intent is clear. Right now my intent is to be true to myself. No matter how much I crave something, if it’s not in my best interest or is not part of the solution or doesn’t resonate on the same vibrational level that I’m on, then I don’t choose to make it part of my life. And what is in my best interest always makes me happy!


Intent is the guiding light intuition follows. Listening to the messages from Divine spaces within myself  is where intuition is born. I trust it and use it to move through life. It doesn’t live in my head…it lives in my heart and has nothing to do with words or logic. It can be like a sky filled with cloud formations ever changing into new clusters that eventually disappear over the horizon never to be seen again. It can be like the flow of the ocean…a tide of understanding and clarity that comes in and then returns to where it came from, just to roll back in again with new insight. Sometimes it moves in so deep that it seems like it will be part of me for eternity. Sometimes it seems so ephemeral that if I don’t grab the message in that moment, it will be lost forever. I am open to whatever form it takes. If I don’t “go with MY flow”…there are always consequences!

4/26/2010 1:22 PM