Because of cancer, there is a new purpose to my existence. I am taking the opportunity of the new beginning and the positive transformation cancer has evoked on my perspective to share with the world all of the Divine blessings that were bestowed upon me in order to become a survivor. I will still express myself as an artist, designer, singer, guitarist and songwriter, but my creativity is now vibrating at the same frequency as the awakening I received during my cancer journey. I now live a sustainable way of life. I am living proof that allowing enlightenment to embody the essence of my being created the miracles needed to achieve my purpose. My purpose at the time was to survive cancer without losing myself in the process, without damaging my body beyond the necessary measures I chose to take. I surrendered to the deepest level of consciousness and became one with the energy source that is everything.

I am grateful to be alive and living the limitless opportunities life is presenting me. I am now using art, music and personal experience to help as a spiritual and wellness guide. The gift that I received from the Divine is now my gift to you. My role is to support you in love while you achieve your fullest potential, find your inner peace, live your truth with pure intent, and feel the joy and freedom that comes by accepting your uniqueness in order to shine your own beautiful hue. I feel connected to everything else in this world through the intense love I feel for myself …and I wish the same for you! Embracing the pain and weakness that came with cancer put me in a vulnerable position. Within the darkness of this vulnerability, my personal power looked like a beacon in the night. It felt comforting…like coming home.

I lived in Paris, France for half my life. And I grew into who I really was there, shining my own light. I walked a spiritual path. I was an Energy Healer and an Intuitive Guide, but kept it separated from the rest of my life. Now I don’t spend fragmented time in either my mind, spirit or body. They are now connected constantly and radiate a deeper sense of clarity, insight and balance that is an endless inner resource. It keeps me in the moment, in touch with my own strength and the beauty, light and love of this magnificent world.

We are all part of a molecular matrix. Our individual intent contributes to the overall vibration of this matrix. We affect everything on our path. When we rise to higher levels of consciousness, we are able to contribute something of value to the matrix. We become one with the most powerful energy of all…love. The possibility of death made it easy for me to discern what was precious and must be nourished, and what was no longer positive and must be let go of. This profound feeling of love and the awakened awareness that flowed in with it is my life now. Everything else I do fits into that!

I also offer fun but meaningful events that aid in personal expansion. Expanding is best done when you don’t know your doing it! I speak about subjects that have depth, but depth is actually a very simple state to be in. Within simplicity is joy! I will be giving Awakening Art Workshops, You’re A Star Story Slams, Intuitive Readings, Energetic Healings, Guided Meditations…and more! I share this glorious life with you…in love and light!

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