I finally set my Max…my snapping sensation of a friend…free!!! It was soooo dificult for me to do this…he had been a part of me for 7 years…but I wanted him to have the life he was destined to have. The fact that I helped him become the amazingly strong and fit turtle that he is today brought us together in a unique way. I worked with A from the Turtle Rescue League in Massachusettes to make sure I gave him the safest send off to give him the best beginning of a new life! I first had to cover his tank for one and a half months which supposedly allowed him the time to forget about me so that he wouldn’t be attached to humans and would connect to his wild side. It was hard for me to say good-bye to him when I covered the tank because I thought he wasn’t going to remember me when I took all the beautiful cloths off his tank the day I actually set him free. So before I covered his tank I told him how grateful I had been for having him in my life…and how precious he was to me. I cried for days! Because of the fact we were still living together it was hard for me not to break down and say hi and connect for that month and a half. For him I held strong!!! After ALL of that…the day I actually took the cloth off of his tank…the day I set him free…he knew exactly who I was…did the normal wagging all of his turtle arms in all directions like a dog and stood straight up against the side of the tank and stared into my eyes…so much for not knowing me…so strong was our connection!!! I made this slide show of his best day ever…of the first day as a real wild snapper turtle…the first “wild” day of the rest of his life!!! I love u Max…you’ll always be part of me!!! : (



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