Recently the sensor in my SLR camera my Uncle had sent me stopped working and I no longer had a camera because they told me it wasn’t worth fixing…it would be cheaper to buy a new camera. I was sad that this camera I was so attached to had died and was frustrated that I no longer had a camera or the money to replace it. I actually had forgotten I had insured it until someone had reminded me. From the moment I called the Insurance Company to the moment I recieved a check for the replacement of the body of my camera, 3 days had passed…3 days…that’s nothing…the Insurance Company made it such a sweet, hassle free experinece. I was so grateful for that.

Then…I researched buying the original body…and found an even better deal online for a better camera…the same brand…just a more recent model with more mega pixels. I really wanted to buy it from a human being in a store rather than buying it online. So I called Pierre’s on Exchange St. in Portland. ME and spoke with this guy named Joe and said he would match the price I had found online. I don’t think he believed me…he had me pull it up on his computer right in front of him to show him I was sincere. I am really grateful that I got such an amazing deal. The only thing is, he charged me 10.00 dollars more than he said he would, but I know it was a mistake and he’ll probably give me a 10 dollar item in exchange for the overcharge. Because of a chain of events that was fair and right, I now have a new camera…once again…yayyy!!!!!

Happy and gratefull!


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