I leave on this still snowy morning…the second day of spring…watching little star flakes drift down in sporadic movements. They are really heavy, they are wet, I listen to them collide with the earth. As I am driving down the road I caught sight of 2 eagles in all their glory. They are dancing a spiral dance making circles curling up then down…then swooping back up again… riding the currents, playing as they past by each other…never having to flap their wings…just surfing the waves in the sky…so high…effortless grace in motion. I sit there on the side of the road hanging out of my car window in awe.

I then am blessed with an amazing healing session from a just as amazing soul. I feel renewed and full of love and light.

On my way home I am in disbelief as I see not one but 8 hawks doing the same spiral dance. I once again pull over and watch their performance that equals a ballet on a stage. I love this majestic moment that is taking place as much on the inside of me as in the sky above. They swirl up and down through my chakras and I feel their freedom and take part in their adventure in the circle of life and I am grateful.

A day full of dreams and beauty…guiding me to higher places.

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