This is a short happy note…but one that needs saying! Tonight was the “special” full moon of 2011 and it turned out to be so inspiring in a simple lighthearted way! I met the sweetest guy, 2 amazing spiritual healers with beautiful hearts, listened to some crazy rock band and danced like I was in high school again and took photos of the super dooper full moon dipper in virgo…like me! I felt a happiness I hadn’t felt in a long time…since the beginning of my cancer journey. Even though I still have one surgery to go and 6 and a half more months of cancer treatments, this night is full of new beginnings on a spiritual level. : ) Yayyyyyyy!!!! I can feel my body healing so very well, every day getting closer and closer to January 2012 when I will be an official survivor…so very blessed, lucky, grateful….AND one with it all….happy happy!!!


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